The Extraterrestrial Nature of Man’s Origins

The maps of consciousness we have surveyed and the star maps we have explored are all maps of the same country. The story of man’s origin, history and status in the universe as it emerges from the charts is indeed so fantastic that beside it the most colourful science fiction pales in comparison. Man is an ancient, ancient being. We have passed through many experiences now so long ago and far away that we have forgotten them almost entirely- until memory rises from deep unconsciousness.

The history of archaeology illustrates nothing else, it shows that there is often an enormous gap between a physical discovery and the perception of its significance. The old maps of Hapgood were known to scholars for literally hundreds of years before he perceived that they record information that could not have been known to Renaissance cartographers. Many of the ancient American stones inscribed with Mediterranean languages recently decoded by epigraphers Fell, Gordon and Mertz were known for over a century before their significance was perceived. Similarly, Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid fueled speculations for millennia before recent discoveries have allowed us to see them in a more sophisticated light.

And so it is with what might be called the ultimate discovery of archaeology: the incredible evidence that man himself is an extraterrestrial has been available for decades. It is only very recently that laboratory science has begun to probe the very aspects of man that were so highly developed by the ancients. When the implications of this research are applied to enigmas like the Pyramid Texts and the curious worldwide dispersion of certain aspects of initiation, we have a conceptual scaffolding whereby anyone who is willing to climb can reach the perspective to see what poets and mystics have always known: we come from the stars.

-Wm. R. Fix